I is for Iyyìnko

Shorty post for I.

Iyyìnko—Verb/Noun— [im- /yim-ki-o2]—Heathen. Non Believer.


The Muscogee Creek had many dialects to their language. This word and many more can be found in the Alabama Dictionary. When I write about cultures I do try to incorporate their languages into the story. In Thundered Hearts, Beth is Creek. Although she speaks English, she maintained her heritage, too.

More information on the Muscogee Language Family.

Were any of your ancestors Native American?

Mine were Chickasaw.

H is for Hybrid

I love combining creatures as much as I love reinventing them. Hybrids can develop unique abilities or they can take from their respective parts. The possibilities are endless and no two hybrids are the same.

In the Nine Realms there are different ways someone can become a hybrid.

  • Race hybrid: elf, human, giant
  • Magical hybrid: elementarist, druid, lower mage, etc.
  • Creature hybrid: lycan, vargr, draugr, valkyrie, guardian, etc.
  • Any mix of the above

The most notable hybrids are those created by the Norns. These are creatures born from pure sources who the Norns mark for greatness. They are always hybrids in Loki’s Chosen, and each has a unique purpose when Ragnarok arrives.


If you could be a hybrid of any supernatural or mythological creature what would you choose?

I would be an Guardian Draugr—an undead creature in Norse Mythology.


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G is for Green Corn Festival

The Green Corn Festival isn’t native to one Native American tribe. However, you’ll see it celebrated more in the south eastern tribes like the Seminole and Creek people, who spanned over the southern Pre-Colombian states. It is a celebration of the corn harvest with deep spiritual roots and many tribes still practice the rites today in both honoring their ancestry and spiritualism.


In the Creek tribe, referenced in Thundered Hearts, it’s called Posketv in Muscogee and means Fasting to Fast. It’s also their new year, and with the exception of rape or murder, all banishable offenses were forgiven.


A week prior to the late summer celebration the tribe starts to gather and prepare for the dancing, feasting, medicinal practices, and the feasting.

The first day of the festival starts with the ribbon dance in which non-menstrating women cleanse the ritual area. This energetic dance is followed by a massive family feast. Afterward the men begin their fast.

On the second day, the men rise and clean the ritual area. They remove the previous year’s fire and ash, too. The ceremonial fire is then re-lit and the Hillis Hiya creates medicine for the fasting men. As evening arrives, the head woman from each family takes a coal from the ceremonial fire to lit her own cooking fire.

During this time, men who have reached age receive their war name. This practice is still done today. Afterward, the Feather Dance starts to cleanse the area for the newly named men readying for their rite of passage. The rite of passage is a sacred display of virility and war party tactics.

When the celebrations cease, the men end their fasts by forming a single line to pass through water for a ceremonial cleansing. A men’s meeting follows along with the Stomp Dance where each participating man performs. They retire to their camps after and feast with their family. While the fast has ended, then men aren’t allowed to sleep.

Here is a video from the Smithsonian which talks about the Stomp Dance.

At Midnight, another Stomp Dance begins, and it doesn’t end until the following morning. But the men won’t sleep until midday.


Every tribe will lend their own beliefs and practices to this sacred new year. However, my notes and studies are specific to the Muscogee Creek tribe, and even then, each celebration can vary.


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F is for Fear


I wanted to stop and shy away from my worlds or books and talk about fear. Many who are reading this are bloggers, writers, and readers.


Fear is stifling and it rears its head around every corner. I feared signing up to the challenge. I fear every time I write something new, dark, or twisted. Every time I write a review the fear creeps in. But I’ve learned not to let it stop me from writing, sharing, or creating something new for the world.


I don’t have any deep secrets to share, but if you have fear in your life, too, even if it’s occasionally, just know you’re not alone.


With that out of the way, I tend to turn fears on my characters and force them to face what frightens them the most. Everyone has something they’re afraid of, so I’ll tell you mine.

Clowns… In a deathly, panic inducing way, a single clown can bring me to my knees.


What about you? What do you fear?


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E is for Elementarist

cover_ebook_smallWhat is an elementarist?

A type of mage is the simple answer, but magic in the Loki’s Chosen world, which consists of nine different realms, isn’t simple. Few can actually master the elements. These are the mages who obtain the title elementarist.

Neither Gods nor Goddesses have absolute control over the elements. While powerful their magic stems from an ancient place, another realm where there is no good or evil. In this place all magic and creation was born, including the elementarists: Phoenix (fire), Dragon(water), Golem (earth), Nightmare (darkness), and Maelstrom (air).

I’ve left a few classes off due to spoilers.

This distinct class can bend the elements to their will through use of power words or their minds. But of course all magic has a consequence. Even an elementarist must reserve and store the myst or they risk fading into dust. However, the element each elementarist wields cannot harm them. For Auriel, this means fire won’t burn her.

If you could wield a magical element, which would you choose and why?


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D is for Delphia

post sundering map ebookDelphia is in remnants after the Sundering in the Beyond the Brothel Walls Saga. Only 1/4 of the world survives. This is what the world looks like now.

While it’s a series of islands, you’ll see that the majority of the United States is gone. Those islands are all that remain, and this area is considered neutral. They have no real government, no real laws like Arcadia to the north and Garland to the south.

They do have trains and steam powered boats, but food and goods are scarce, and flesh holds the most value.  While there is no set leader it’s believed a brothel owner by the name of Jules runs most of the eastern portion, and his deadly reach spans into Garland.

The idea behind splintered islands arise from probable destruction and my need for a neutral staging area in the future. I required a total disruption, although foretold, and a reason to suspend Korrigan’s view point as she believes she is a human and that others are human, too.

What would you do if the world suddenly splintered?

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C is for Corset

ConstrictedConstricted Pages: 253
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C is for Corset


korrigan_quote2In Constricted, the corset plays as both the confinement and liberation for Korrigan. During her enslavement she’s forced to use the garment as part of the mandatory slave uniform. After liberation she wears it by choice to remember where she came from.

The corset, while used in various ways, plays a larger theme in the series among the females who are tossing their binds aside and seeking freedom from the demons who enslave them.

The catch, however, is this is a world where humans no longer exist. It’s post-apocalypse, and the demons and angels are in a war for control over Earth.

This story is an erotic dystopian and won’t be suitable for all audiences. 25% of all sales are always donated to the Polaris Project to end human trafficking and bring awareness to modern day slavery.

If you lived in a dystopian world, what three items would you want/miss most?


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B is for Bethany Ann McCallister

Thundered HeartsThundered Hearts Pages: 266
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B is for Bethany Ann McCallister


Bethany Ann McCallister is a nineteen year old Creek Indian Spirit Walker in Thundered Hearts and her blood heals. The story itself is a romantic suspense with paranormal and fantasy elements. I based her in a world rich with Creek myth and lore, and the book itself is rich with Alabamian history.

I loved her banter with Lucien and her sense of family and self-sacrifice. This isn’t a simple paranormal romance, though. Beth is tough, but the world weaved around her plays with themes of kidnapping, slavery, murder, and extortion. From magical powers to talking cats to hardboiled mystery and a curvy heroine this story has a little bit of everything.

A little known fact is that the Creek Indians gave birth to a famous saying. “God be willing and the Creek don’t rise.” This is actually in reference to the Creek Indian tribe and not an actual creek. Benjamin Hawkins wrote it in a letter to Thomas Jefferson and the original letter is in Savannah, Georgia.


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A is for Alfheim

by Rae Ryans
Series: Loki's Chosen # .5
on 2012
Genres: fantasy
Pages: 88
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A is for Alfheimrealm of light map1275x1275

Alfheim is the land of the light elves from Norse mythology and one of the nine realms according to the legends. It’s also the setting of Chivalry and Malevolence.

In the story an Unseelie elf and a human knight meet and embark on a journey. But there isn’t a lot of information on Alfheim with the exception of the God Freyr ruling over the elves. According to the lore, although not the story, Odin gifted the world to Freyr because he was fond of them.

When I decided to set my story here I knew the world required more depth. I played on themes of light and dark, winter and summer, and brought in shape-shifting dragons as homage to my favorite fantasy writer, Richard A Knaak.


If you could live in any fantasy world which would you choose and why?


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The Dark Truth Behind Beyond the Brothel Walls

Beyond the Brothel Walls is not a BDSM series. It’s not truly erotica but a lust-driven story about renewal, hope, and survival.

First, there is a valid reason I felt compelled to write disclaimers on a fiction book. But it isn’t my fault if they aren’t read or heeded. It’s a story (series) about sexual and physical slavery and child abuse set in a post-apocalyptic world run by demons, angels, and other supernatural creatures. Yes, there are other themes and plots, but the main characters are all survivors.

It’s non-descriptive, it’s not shown in a positive light, but it’s vital to both character and story.

  • Korrigan was molested.
  • Korrigan was sodomized.
  • Korrigan was a mere child, but in the the story she is a lawful adult.
  • Korrigan must overcome her past while still belonging to another man—still not free.
  • She will not act like a normal person. Each decision is made out of pure fear of death.
  • This is how the world works to her knowledge.
  • Petre’s POV shows the reality of the world from a rich man’s perspective.
  • This story sheds light on human trafficking.
  • Korrigan lives in a world where her captors raised her to believe this is normal.
  • Korrigan’s story is not BDSM.
  • The series isn’t about BDSM.
  • These men and women don’t sell themselves freely.
  • These men and women are slaves in the real sense of the term.
  • They didn’t ask for this life or simply fall into it.
  • They aren’t and should never be compared to porn stars, strippers, or anyone else who makes a willing decision to sell their body in whole or image.

Information below courtesy of Polaris Project—which I fully endorse and support.

Most people around the world fail to realize that human slavery hasn’t been abolished. Over 5,000 reported cases occurred last year, and it’s rising. 71 percent were sexual slavery. It’s rampant everywhere, including the United States.

In seven years, 19,724 human trafficking cases were reported. 6,014 of those cases involved a minor. 6,929 of them were legal US citizens.

Polaris received 24, 062 signals in 2014—human beings crying out for help. Roughly 5,000 were answered and saved.

But I had to write the story from a fictional standpoint. I needed that distance on an emotional level. That world is purely fantasy, but what the men and women live, survive through, happens everyday under our noses.

This is what I want readers to come away with. It isn’t about the happy ending, to which I could also argue as Korrigan does receive what she wants in the end. It isn’t so much about love as it is learning to love yourself despite the flaws and past. But it’s also about solving a mystery, realizing revenge doesn’t erase the past but it stops the monster from harming another innocent life. It’s about freedom and ending oppression, while shedding light on a subject no one seems to realize exists.

For more information on human slavery please visit the Polaris Project. To report human slavery or if you know someone who needs help:

Call the 24/7 confidential hot line 1-888-373-7888 for the NHRTC.

Text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)


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