Races of the Nine Realms

Races of the Nine Realms

  • Elementarist: These are supernaturals, with the ability to channel the elements. Each one typically specializes in one element, but they can draw from all four. They live an average life span of humans but are immune to their diseases. Those possessing foresight are called norns by older generations.

  • Faerie: A nation of supernaturals who gave magic to the nine realms. Pure Fae, born with various wings from butterfly to dragonfly shapes, tend to be in tune with magic more than nature. They are immortal, and their only weakness is solid iron mined in Alfheim.

  • Elf: Wingless Fae and often considered beneath the Fae. They tend to be in tune with nature more than magic. They are considered timeless, but their weakness is pure Alfheim iron.

  • Dwarf: Rarely found within Midgard, but are cousins to the Fae and Elves. While shorter than their kin, dwarves are much taller than the folk tales portray them. Males average sixty-five inches in height and females average sixty inches.

  • Lycan: Two-natured supernaturals that are half-human and half wolf, who can transform at any time into either form. However, during a full moon they’re known to cause mischief. Loki created the beings, and he gave them a place in Midgard. Lycans are typically born; however, there are ceremonies, which require the blessing of Loki to create these creatures. Pure Alfheim silver to the brain or heart will kill a Lycan. Other metals won’t penetrate the skin.

  • Ethereal: These ghosts of the supernatural remain in limbo on Midgard. In rare instances, a coma can cause the spirit to separate from the body.

  • Dísir: Also known as the born, they were the original Valkyrie created by the Myst. Unlike the Norse legends, these Valkyrie can be male or female and they’re born not chosen. They’re fierce winged warriors of both magic and physical battle. But not all fight for the Light of the Nine Realms.

  • Valkyrie: Created Valkyrie who are selected by Odin to hunt the Dísir.

  • Giants: Unlike the name suggests this race is generally tall. Women and men alike reach heights close to seven and half feet. Most of the former Vanir pantheon was, in fact, of this race. Before Odin’s rule, giants lived free primarily in the middle and lower realms. However, after coming into power he refused those without prestigious birth to the upper realms.

  • Dragons: These neutral immortal beasts are rarely found on Midgard, but they do have the ability to shape shift into any creature or race. However, many of their lizard like attributes remain, such as their reptilian eyes, and their speech is often slithered. Their height typically gives them away as they tend to tower over the Fae and even some giants. The majority of the race lies under the protection of the God Freyr and the Seelie Court of Alfheim. Dragons also hold the ability to wield the Myst, but like the shamans and druids, they aren’t limited like mages.

  • Humans: Humans can become Draugr and Lycans. Humans can also breed with other supernaturals. However, they can’t possess magic nor wield the Myst elements except Light and Darkness.