Gods, Demigods, and Mythical Creatures

This world is a complete work of fiction and not a simple retelling of Norse Mythology. It is factual only to my series Nine Realms: Midgard.

  • Phoenix:  This is an aspect of the Goddess Freya. The Phoenixes inherit the power to invoke the Goddess, and strengthen their bond with the fiery elements of the Myst.

  • Loki: A demi-god created by the Myst to bring balance among the gods.

  • Hugin and Munin: Ravens that represent thought and memory.

  • Fenris Wolf: The original Lycan created by Loki. The descendants are half-man and half-wolf and don’t worship the Aesir.

  • Myst: All life and magic originates with the Myst of the Nine Realms. It’s a common reference for magic due to the misty glow it radiates.

  • Norns: Urðr (“What Once Was”), Verðandi (“What Is Coming into Being”), and Skuld (“What Shall Be”)Weavers of fate and can change the past and future. They commonly use elementarists, with the gift of foresight, which to them are known as the norns or more commonly known as mages.

  • Ragnarok: End of the world. It’s also used to describe the unseating of the Gods.

  • Odin: A complicated God, often considered being the All-father among his followers and himself. He’s a member of the Aesir and associated with many aspects. Some of these include war, battle, victory and death, but also wisdom, Shamanism, magic, poetry, prophecy, and the hunt. However, there are many other Gods and Goddesses with the same attributes. He resides in Asgard.

  • Freya: Goddess of love and fertility. In addition, she is the leader of the Valkyrie and receives half of the souls claimed in battle. Her hall is Sessrumnir, and her palace is Folkvang. She was originally a part of the Vanir.

  • Freyr: King of Alfheim and God of sacral kingship, virility, and prosperity, with sunshine and fair weather. He is also the brother of Freya. He was originally a part of the Vanir.