Classes of the Nine Realms


  • Valkyrie: Odin chose supernatural women of prominent heritage to assist the fallen warriors and heroes in Valhalla. As battles become scarce, and Ragnarok poses no threat, the women are unleashed upon Midgard with a new and unknown purpose.

  • Pooka: Has the ability to turn into any living creature. Only faeries, elves, and hybrids have this ability. While dragons mimic the ability of the pooka, it was decided not to classify them as such. This class is also known as shape shifters.

  • Mage: Elementarist, Faerie, Elf, Lycan, and some draugr can harness the elements. However, like nature, a mage is unpredictable and dangerous. Elementarist mages tend to use one term to define themselves based on their elemental strength.

  • High Mages

  • Phoenix: Any supernatural people can become a chosen one of the demigod. They wield the power of the purest fire. Phoenix children are particularly vulnerable to sickness if the power is overused. Their eyes change color (golden) when the power fully manifests. They are also given the power of telepathy with their Guardian. Their goal is to protect the magical community and to protect the secret of magic from humankind.

  • Sea Dragon: Same as above except Water. Most older Sea Dragons use the surname Drake and can invoke Njord. When they invoke the God’s power they become sea dragons.

  • Gollum: Same as above except Earth. Earth mages turn their skin into impregnable stone when they invoke Jörð.

  • Hurricane: Same as above except Air. Norðri, Suðri, Austri, and Vestri are invoked and the mage becomes one with the four winds.

  • Druid: A form of a mage that utilizes all HIGH forms of the Myst equally. Also known as a shaman. They’re considered extinct on Midgard.


  • Guardian: Eyes are unnaturally green. Each has the ability to read minds of any super natural creature, but each individual becomes linked with a Phoenix. The prestige seems to be most common among the two-natured races; however, any supernatural race can become a Guardian of Magic and the Phoenix, Sea Dragon, Gollum, and Hurricane.

  • Hybrid: An array or collection of supernatural bloodlines. Bi-racial crossings are allowed, but despised by the Order of the Nine.

  • Draugr: Humans and Elementarists can safely make the transition draugr. Elementarists carry any power they held before; however, threat of dementia is high. Elves and Faerie of Alfheim turn to dust. Lycans have shown little to no interest in becoming a draugr as they are already immortal. The draugr are given protection by the Order of the Nine. They are immune to theories such as sunlight, garlic, religious artifacts, but a stake to the heart can kill them. Draugr may only drink human blood and synthetic blood created by the Iron Legion. Animal blood sickens and weakens draugr leading to coma and eventual death.

  • Warden: A created and born being that wields the power of submission. Through scientific discovery, the Nine found a way to combine all the magical essences into one being giving them incredible control over all magical creatures regardless of their family or previous condition. However, draugr are resistant and are, therefore, used to enforce them.

  • Paladin: Warrior of the Light and dedicated to the God Freyr. Only the descendents of the Graftfield line can wield the light.

  • Kelpie: Water horse created by Loki. There is only one death bringer.