Editing Services


Please e-mail raezryans@raventreedesign.com Attach interested service, word count, genre, and a one chapter sample to see if we’re a good match. Place name and type of service (or QUOTE) in the subject.

2016 Editing Price Sheet

Prices subject to change.  Payment plans are available. All changes made via track changes and/or margin comments.

Substantive Editing

  • Spelling and grammar errors, including proper punctuation in dialogue
  • Subject verb agreement
  • Avoidable passive writing
  • Show vs Tell
  • Purple prose
  • Character development, including dialogue and narrative distance
  • Plot development, including clarity and tension of scenes
  • Overall Pacing
  • Consistency in point-of-view, tense, and world building
  • Fluff/Redundancy
  • Fact checking, if applicable
  • Point out weaknesses in writing
  • Point out strengths in writing
  • Style Guide consistencies
  • Includes extensive rewriting*

This form of editing takes anywhere from one to three weeks, depending upon manuscript length, to complete. The goal is to strengthen your novel and writing while maintaining your voice. You are ready for this in-depth editing once your manuscript is finished and you’ve revised it to the best of your ability. Your goal is to produce the best possible manuscript before I evaluate it.


* While substantive editing is my specialty, I don’t recommend it for those who have had extensive beta reading. Also, most substantive edits will still require another pass of editing, i.e., it isn’t a final edit. Rates are generally $200 per 50,000 words. Fifty percent is required as a down payment before I’ll begin editing a full manuscript.


Line Editing


  • Syntax
  • Word usage
  • Grammar
  • Consistency
  • Spelling
  • Clarity
  • Variety
  • And more

Rates range from .004 cents per word to .007 cents per word. A minimum charge of $25 applies to all manuscripts under 25K words. A sample edit is required for pricing line editing services. If story/plot/character issues leap at me, I will note them for you in the margin comments. However, this editing will mainly address the grammar, clarity, and overall readability. Approx. time is one to two weeks, depending on length and number of errors.


This covers a single pass; however, I’m available to read sections or offer advice/guidance after the initial editing is completed. A full second pass is available for a reduced rate.

  • Orphans and widows*
  • Punctuation
  • Minor grammar inconsistencies: apostrophes, comma usage and splices, capitalization, and tenses
  • Misspelled words
  • Typographical Errors
  • Run-on sentences outside of dialogue
  • Subject-verb disagreements

Proofreading is a flat rate of $20 per 10,000 words. $25 additional charge is applied for manuscripts under 25K. Proofreading doesn’t address story issues such as plot holes. Approx. time depends on length but is roughly one week from start date.


*Orphans and widows are words or fragments that add extra pages. Sometimes they’re blank, but other times only a single word will show on the page.


Books I’ve worked on:

  • Tears of the Unicorn by Dai V. Ross
  • The Banshee’s Embrace by Victoria Richards
  • The Banshee’s Desire by Victoria Richards
  • The Banshee’s Revenge by Victoria Richards
  • Lightning (Worlds Divide #1) by Ryan Hartung
  • Death (Worlds Divide #2) by Ryan Hartung
  • Water (Worlds Divide #3) by Ryan Hartung
  • Hunter’s Games: An Adrian Hell Thriller by James P. Sumner
  • True Conviction: An Adrian Hell Thriller by James P. Sumner
  • One Last Bullet: An Adrian Hell Thriller by James P. Sumner
  • TERROR UNLEASHED (Shaolin Darkness Series Book 1) by Wesley Robert Lowe
  • HEAVEN BURNING – (Shaolin Darkness Series Book 2) by Wesley Robert Lowe
  • THEFT OF INNOCENCE – (Shaolin Darkness Series Book 3) by Wesley Robert Lowe
  • SLAVERY UNBOUND – (Shaolin Darkness Series Book 4) by Wesley Robert Lowe
  • RITUAL SACRIFICE – (Shaolin Darkness Series Book 5) by Wesley Robert Lowe
  • EVIL RISES (Shaolin Darkness Prequel) by Wesley Robert Lowe
  • Overcast by K. Benton
  • Anything Goes, Vol. 2 Anthology by The Fiction Writer Group