Cover for Chivalry and Malevolence


ALFHEIM: Chivalry and Malevolence

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Genre: High Fantasy

Novella Length: Approx 88 pages.

Malevolence ruled her. 

The Alfheimian Unseelie Court sentenced an innocent man to death. The elven Princess Morgana refused to sit idly by, as her people murdered the human Knight. Without her Myst, she must rely on courage and quick wit to save him. Enveloped in her own masked prison, she must break herself free. The laws of her people demanded his death. Turmoil, not love and respect, ruled the Unseelie Court. Could she break the mold to rescue the chivalrous silver-man? 

The Myst loved him. 

Sir Thomas Graftfield did not question his duty or honor. He held his faith and codes close to his heart. Upon returning home from the crusades, he wanders through a portal. In the blink of an eye, his life changed forever, as the strange creatures surrounded him. Captured and facing certain the death, the young knight sought solace in his final hours. He did not expect to find it in the shrouded woman. 

Mori remained his only hope, but to save him, Thomas realized she must first save herself.