Beyond the Brothel Walls

Coming 2014

Coming 2014

Genre: Erotic Dystopian Paranormal Romance

She was a slave, trained to submit to the will of free men.

Beyond the brothel walls, of Hampshire House, lay a broken world torn deep into the final stages of Armageddon. Beaten, used, and starved, all Korrigan understood were the rules her master enforced. The Law of Courtesans as mandated by Delphia, one of the three remaining countries after Earth sundered.

He searched for the perfect woman to break his curse.

Two hundred years ago, the young Baron witnessed his brother commit a heinous act. Petre’s family forced him to lie, thus spared his twin brother’s death.   Regardless revenge came, hexing both brothers with immortality to atone for their sins. Cursed, the brothers roamed through life and slipped closer to their demonic sides.

Forced to become another demon’s mistress, Korrigan stumbled through her journey of love, treachery, and forgiveness. Secrets and lies whispered in the darkness. As the weight of her new world compounded on her shoulders, the slave hatched a plan to liberate the brothel and tear down the walls.

Deleted Scenes: Coming Soon.


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