Beyond the Brothel Walls Lore

Quick Note: The lore itself is a blend of my own creation created for the sole purpose of the Beyond the Brothel Walls Saga.

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Who remained after the Sundering?
  • Elioud – Descendants of the Nephilim who are 3/4 human/magical
  • Vampire – Created by God to aid Death
  • Nephilim – Children of the Grigori
  • Witches/Warlocks – Created by God to aid War and Pestilence
  • Angels – The Four Horsemen, Michael, Gabriel, etc.
  • Arch Demons – Risen from Hell
Hades – Sheol

The land of the dead is ruled by Death and protected by the Archangel Michael.

  • Purgatory
  • Realm of the Infant
  • Tartarus
  • Realm of the Father
  • Hell – demons and those with deadly sins were sent here
  • Heaven – humans who lived a virtuous life ascended
  • Earth – 1/4 remains
  • Hades – humans who have not atoned for their sins were sent here.