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P is for Petre

Nestled into the Northwestern corner of Acadia we’re gathered at the joint headquarters for the Arcadian Bureau of Demonic Affairs and the Council of Seven, which is located at the former University of Anchorage Research facility. Here budding agents train, redevelop old technology to work on steam, and build new advancements.

The massive, five-school, former campus once specialized in Aviation Technology. In the engineering quarter, we’ve caught up with one of the scientists. Today, we have a special guest, the one and only Petre von Baron—now a transportation engineer, who was born, raised, and died in Romania in the 1800’s at the young age of twenty.

Except he didn’t remain dead. Petre isn’t a normal vampire. After witnessing his brother murder another and covering it up, the servant girl’s father, Hestin, a warlock, curses them both.

For those who wish to know, his brother was sentenced to live as a demon horse, but Petre’s curse was immortality. Only a pure, true love can break the curse.


Rae: “So, Petre, whats it like being dead?”

Petre runs his hand through his long black hair and laughs. In his Romanian accent he replies,  “Of all the things you could possibly ask that’s what you lead with? You of all people should know.”

Rae: “Well, of course, I know, but readers might like to know more. Can you lighten up a bit?”

He takes a moment, staring over into the dark corner of the hangar where a group of agents have gathered to watch. “At first, it sucks. Then it gets better as you realize the freedoms. After the first hundred years, everyone I knew had died.”

Petre glances back to me. “When you have nothing to live for, life loses its vibrancy.” His pale hand waves in the air. “I was a monk, by choice, living a simple life before Hestin cursed me. All I knew was family and brotherly love and religion, but without them, I found myself tumbling into a dark abyss with my brother. For the next two hundred years, I fought to break the curse, so to answer your question, at first I feared it, but then I loved it before I despised it. After Kori, I had a reason to live again.”

Rae: “What about your faith?”

Special Agent Dorian Fox coughs into his hand and shakes his head off to the side.

Petre: “They say I’m not allowed to talk of that.”

Rae: “What? Who’s stopping you?”

Petre: “The Arcadian Bureau of Demonic Affairs…” He pointed toward a large airship and the agents surrounding it.  “Agent Fox and Gabe warned me earlier, so no spoilers.”

Rae: “Fine” I turned the page and shook my head. Wow. This is the thanks I get for creating the lot of them.  “How many women did you go through before you finally found Korri?”

Agent Westcott: “We can here you, Rae.” Korrigan’s brother tapped his head.

Petre: “More than the stars in the sky. And we’ll leave it at that.”

Rae: “That’s vague. Do you care to elaborate?”

Petre: “I care and therefore will not. You might have young eyes perusing pages, and they don’t need to know of my misdeeds, exploits, and misfortunes.” He leans forward. “I’m not a role model. I’m just a man, who was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and I’ve paid dearly for it.”

Rae: “Fair enough. Wow, I forget how humble you are for a vampire. So out of those you found, how many of them knew your secrets?”

“None.” He stares at Agent Fox again, but his rigid pose has relaxed.

Rae: “But you would have told Korri, right?”

Petre smirks before turning his steely gaze on me. “The thought had crossed my mind.”

Rae: “If there’s one thing you could do differently with Korri what would it be?”

Petre: “I can only choose one?” he asks, leaning backward.

Rae: “Yes, only one.”

Petre: “But I have two.”

Rae: “Fine. Give me two.”

Petre: “Knowing what I know now, I would’ve killed Jules sooner. I would’ve found a way to discover Korri earlier, right after Veric dropped her off. Oh, and I never would’ve left her alone.”

Rae: “That was three.”

Petre: “And?” His brow cocks.

Rae: I clear my throat. “About the letter. Jules Garland told you never to leave her alone, yet you did. Why?”

Petre: “I’m asked this a lot, and I’m more surprised people haven’t caught on. But the letter never stated that I had to be with her at all times. She was never alone. I left her to my trusted servants, so how was I supposed to know that Jules meant me when he wrote alone?”

Rae: “Fair enough. So, is there anything you really don’t want Korri to know about you?”


Petre: “She knows all about me, but I’d prefer she didn’t know about my less than scrupulous tactics of attaining information, know-how, and knowledge from humanity before the Sundering.”

Rae: “Care to elaborate?”

Petre: “No.” His gray eyes fleck with yellow.

Rae: “What was your favorite era to live in? (and you can’t say the one with Korri)”

Petre: “The best is yet to come. She taught me that.”

Rae: “Last we saw of you, Korrigan thought you were dead, but your eyes opened. So, what are your plans for the future?”

Agent Fox coughs and his steps echo in the hangar. “Excuse me,” he says and approaches Petre, handing him a slip of paper. The two converse in hushed tones as I tap my foot. Agent Fox turns and flashes a sheepish smile before tipping his hat. “Apologies.”

Rae: “Do I need to repeat the question?”

Petre: “No. The Arcadian Bureau of Demonic Affairs says that I have to be careful of spoilers, but I’m allowed to say my story unfolds behind the scenes of Altered, where I meet my future brother-in-law, Cain, and the Archangel of Death, Agent Dorian Fox. However,” he peeks at the paper, “the story isn’t for Korri or me to tell. We will make a reappearance soon in a companion novella titled, Afflicted.”

Rae: “Thank you for joining us, Petre.”

He flashes a dimpled smile and stands. Before leaving he says, “Don’t lose yourself in the battle of good or evil. You have to look deeper to understand what’s really going on. It’s more than lives at stake, bigger than you, the Angels, demons, or me.”

You can meet Petre in Constricted.

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O is for Order of the Nine Realms

Every story requires a villain. The Loki’s Chosen series has many, but aside from Odin, there is the Order of the Nine Realms. Each race takes a seat and dictates the laws to the supernatural community.

Order of the Nine Realms


Council President: Merric Mc Douglass

Faerie Liaison: Prince Duncan Graftfield

Elven Liaison: Princess Maeve Graftfield

Elementarist Liaison: Malinda Borne

Giant Liaison: Queen Aegir Brekke

Dwarven Liaison: King Norðri Goldsmith

Lycan Liaison: King Sköll Fenrir

Pooka Liaison: Grimmish Seedbearer

Draugr Liaison: Valentine De Luca


This is the same organization Auriel runs from after learning they will sacrifice her life to Odin. If that isn’t bad enough, she must live knowing her family, not only created the Order of Nine Realms and passed her death sentence, but they’ve allowed the corruption to carry on without interfering.

While the Order originally formed with good intentions, under the Faerie Queen Morgana, it shows in the story that even the supernaturals aren’t above humanity when it comes to greed and power. They write unjust laws and imprison innocents. In secret they conduct experiments and commit murder. This is my government, for my world, but the sky is the writer’s limit.


Have you ever built a government?

Building a government isn’t easy. There are layers to the process from creating rules to punishments. An author has a lot of freedom when working outside of humanity, but our world can still be an excellent guide if needed.

World building encouragement

  • If you’re building a world, start with the basics of law. Create rules knowing you will need to break them, and always be sure to support why they’re being broken.
  • Understand how the different types of governments work in our world and look to history to see why they failed or prospered.
  • Create punishments for crimes that fit your world and people. Realize that different races can have the same or varied laws.

    Most of all, remember that it is your world to build, shape, and destroy. Oh, and have fun.

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N is for Nephilim

autumn angel

Nephilim are half angel and half human, born to women from the fallen Grigori in the Beyond the Brothel Walls series.

But they’re apart of Biblical lore as well. They were called giants and according to the Books of Enoch, the great flood killed them all. For those who aren’t familiar with Enoch, these are in the later books, which aren’t cannon.

In my world, the Nephilim are mostly evil. But I still believe we have the choice, and if the angels fell for the same rights, why couldn’t their children also have the choice to be good rather than evil, even if they’ll never ascend to Heaven. Isn’t that what makes a good person truly good? Performing acts with no thought to reward but because we want to?

To me, however, it merely represents a race, a bloodline, which after diluted becomes something few have heard about, but that’s another letter.

Do you believe in Nephilim? How about Angels? Do you think they watch over us, guide, and protect us?


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M is for Midgard

Midgard in lore is Earth, but in the Loki’s Chosen series it’s a world within a world where the supernatural often hide from humanity.

While some choose to live among the humans, like the draugr and some lycans, many of my races can’t go unnoticed. With Odin forbidding humans from learning about magic, those living on Earth combined their resources and built magical shields in the wilderness.

As technology advanced, so did they. Like you and me, they have electricity and internet access; although Auriel believes it killed the art of penmanship and letter writing. Still, she owns a cell phone and haphazardly drives her cherry red Ram truck. Auriel loves everything about humanity and Midgard, except for the humans themselves—but then what’s an empath to do.


If you had the choice between living on Earth or within a Midgard bubble, which would you choose?

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L is for Loki

Loki is a god, sometimes a demi-god, and other times just an annoying gnat for the Norse gods to swat around. He’s a little different for me in the Loki’s Chosen series.

  • He’s good.
  • He’s evil.
  • Sometimes he’s a she, too.
  • He seldom tells the truth.
  • He loves his children.
  • He will do anything for his children, his chosen.
  • He hates when the history books call him a myth.
  • He despises being a scapegoat.
  • And after the world burns, his children will rise.

I’ll look forward to sharing Loki with everyone in the upcoming Anything Goes, Volume Two anthology. He’ll join William de Hauteville, a Norman mercenary, in an epic, historic journey of life and death.


K is for Kismet

Kismet is a common factor in my writing.  It doesn’t matter if it’s love between two lost souls or a warrior destined to lead an army.

I believe in kismet. I also believe we can’t control it. No matter how hard we try to deny or change our fate, it’s always there, guiding us back. The future may be delayed, or perhaps we’ll learn a lesson, but kismet wins.

Do you believe in kismet? Do you feel we can control it?


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J is for Jamison

Jamison “Jamie” Mc Douglass

Attractive young man sitting on old door's thresholdFrom the Loki’s Chosen series.

  • Phoenix Elementarist—Maelstrom Mage
  • Mother—Murdered. Stolen and raised by Draugr.
  • Brown hair
  • Gray eyes
  • 6’2″
  • Various tribal tattoos
  • Bisexual
  • Mated to Nicolai Fenrir since 18
  • Best Friend is his brother, Liam.
  • Age—25—Mortal


In Phoenix, within the secret supernatural community, there are two major laws which carry the death sentence: no hybrids or homosexuality.  So you can imagine what happens when the Council President’s son mates with another man.

It’s deeper than this with Jamie, though it’s a story I’m currently writing. Jamie isn’t your normal rebellious adult. He’s the opposite and always seeks to please his father, even if that means hiding his truth and living with his past deeds—killing the man he loved.

Or so he’d thought… Jamie receives a rare gift: a second chance.

You can read more about Jamie in Phoenix.


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H is for Hybrid

I love combining creatures as much as I love reinventing them. Hybrids can develop unique abilities or they can take from their respective parts. The possibilities are endless and no two hybrids are the same.

In the Nine Realms there are different ways someone can become a hybrid.

  • Race hybrid: elf, human, giant
  • Magical hybrid: elementarist, druid, lower mage, etc.
  • Creature hybrid: lycan, vargr, draugr, valkyrie, guardian, etc.
  • Any mix of the above

The most notable hybrids are those created by the Norns. These are creatures born from pure sources who the Norns mark for greatness. They are always hybrids in Loki’s Chosen, and each has a unique purpose when Ragnarok arrives.


If you could be a hybrid of any supernatural or mythological creature what would you choose?

I would be an Guardian Draugr—an undead creature in Norse Mythology.


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F is for Fear


I wanted to stop and shy away from my worlds or books and talk about fear. Many who are reading this are bloggers, writers, and readers.


Fear is stifling and it rears its head around every corner. I feared signing up to the challenge. I fear every time I write something new, dark, or twisted. Every time I write a review the fear creeps in. But I’ve learned not to let it stop me from writing, sharing, or creating something new for the world.


I don’t have any deep secrets to share, but if you have fear in your life, too, even if it’s occasionally, just know you’re not alone.


With that out of the way, I tend to turn fears on my characters and force them to face what frightens them the most. Everyone has something they’re afraid of, so I’ll tell you mine.

Clowns… In a deathly, panic inducing way, a single clown can bring me to my knees.


What about you? What do you fear?


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E is for Elementarist

cover_ebook_smallWhat is an elementarist?

A type of mage is the simple answer, but magic in the Loki’s Chosen world, which consists of nine different realms, isn’t simple. Few can actually master the elements. These are the mages who obtain the title elementarist.

Neither Gods nor Goddesses have absolute control over the elements. While powerful their magic stems from an ancient place, another realm where there is no good or evil. In this place all magic and creation was born, including the elementarists: Phoenix (fire), Dragon(water), Golem (earth), Nightmare (darkness), and Maelstrom (air).

I’ve left a few classes off due to spoilers.

This distinct class can bend the elements to their will through use of power words or their minds. But of course all magic has a consequence. Even an elementarist must reserve and store the myst or they risk fading into dust. However, the element each elementarist wields cannot harm them. For Auriel, this means fire won’t burn her.

If you could wield a magical element, which would you choose and why?


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