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I is for Iyyìnko

Shorty post for I.

Iyyìnko—Verb/Noun— [im- /yim-ki-o2]—Heathen. Non Believer.


The Muscogee Creek had many dialects to their language. This word and many more can be found in the Alabama Dictionary. When I write about cultures I do try to incorporate their languages into the story. In Thundered Hearts, Beth is Creek. Although she speaks English, she maintained her heritage, too.

More information on the Muscogee Language Family.

Were any of your ancestors Native American?

Mine were Chickasaw.

G is for Green Corn Festival

The Green Corn Festival isn’t native to one Native American tribe. However, you’ll see it celebrated more in the south eastern tribes like the Seminole and Creek people, who spanned over the southern Pre-Colombian states. It is a celebration of the corn harvest with deep spiritual roots and many tribes still practice the rites today in both honoring their ancestry and spiritualism.


In the Creek tribe, referenced in Thundered Hearts, it’s called Posketv in Muscogee and means Fasting to Fast. It’s also their new year, and with the exception of rape or murder, all banishable offenses were forgiven.


A week prior to the late summer celebration the tribe starts to gather and prepare for the dancing, feasting, medicinal practices, and the feasting.

The first day of the festival starts with the ribbon dance in which non-menstrating women cleanse the ritual area. This energetic dance is followed by a massive family feast. Afterward the men begin their fast.

On the second day, the men rise and clean the ritual area. They remove the previous year’s fire and ash, too. The ceremonial fire is then re-lit and the Hillis Hiya creates medicine for the fasting men. As evening arrives, the head woman from each family takes a coal from the ceremonial fire to lit her own cooking fire.

During this time, men who have reached age receive their war name. This practice is still done today. Afterward, the Feather Dance starts to cleanse the area for the newly named men readying for their rite of passage. The rite of passage is a sacred display of virility and war party tactics.

When the celebrations cease, the men end their fasts by forming a single line to pass through water for a ceremonial cleansing. A men’s meeting follows along with the Stomp Dance where each participating man performs. They retire to their camps after and feast with their family. While the fast has ended, then men aren’t allowed to sleep.

Here is a video from the Smithsonian which talks about the Stomp Dance.

At Midnight, another Stomp Dance begins, and it doesn’t end until the following morning. But the men won’t sleep until midday.


Every tribe will lend their own beliefs and practices to this sacred new year. However, my notes and studies are specific to the Muscogee Creek tribe, and even then, each celebration can vary.


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E is for Elementarist

cover_ebook_smallWhat is an elementarist?

A type of mage is the simple answer, but magic in the Loki’s Chosen world, which consists of nine different realms, isn’t simple. Few can actually master the elements. These are the mages who obtain the title elementarist.

Neither Gods nor Goddesses have absolute control over the elements. While powerful their magic stems from an ancient place, another realm where there is no good or evil. In this place all magic and creation was born, including the elementarists: Phoenix (fire), Dragon(water), Golem (earth), Nightmare (darkness), and Maelstrom (air).

I’ve left a few classes off due to spoilers.

This distinct class can bend the elements to their will through use of power words or their minds. But of course all magic has a consequence. Even an elementarist must reserve and store the myst or they risk fading into dust. However, the element each elementarist wields cannot harm them. For Auriel, this means fire won’t burn her.

If you could wield a magical element, which would you choose and why?


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The Dark Truth Behind Beyond the Brothel Walls

Beyond the Brothel Walls is not a BDSM series. It’s not truly erotica but a lust-driven story about renewal, hope, and survival.

First, there is a valid reason I felt compelled to write disclaimers on a fiction book. But it isn’t my fault if they aren’t read or heeded. It’s a story (series) about sexual and physical slavery and child abuse set in a post-apocalyptic world run by demons, angels, and other supernatural creatures. Yes, there are other themes and plots, but the main characters are all survivors.

It’s non-descriptive, it’s not shown in a positive light, but it’s vital to both character and story.

  • Korrigan was molested.
  • Korrigan was sodomized.
  • Korrigan was a mere child, but in the the story she is a lawful adult.
  • Korrigan must overcome her past while still belonging to another man—still not free.
  • She will not act like a normal person. Each decision is made out of pure fear of death.
  • This is how the world works to her knowledge.
  • Petre’s POV shows the reality of the world from a rich man’s perspective.
  • This story sheds light on human trafficking.
  • Korrigan lives in a world where her captors raised her to believe this is normal.
  • Korrigan’s story is not BDSM.
  • The series isn’t about BDSM.
  • These men and women don’t sell themselves freely.
  • These men and women are slaves in the real sense of the term.
  • They didn’t ask for this life or simply fall into it.
  • They aren’t and should never be compared to porn stars, strippers, or anyone else who makes a willing decision to sell their body in whole or image.

Information below courtesy of Polaris Project—which I fully endorse and support.

Most people around the world fail to realize that human slavery hasn’t been abolished. Over 5,000 reported cases occurred last year, and it’s rising. 71 percent were sexual slavery. It’s rampant everywhere, including the United States.

In seven years, 19,724 human trafficking cases were reported. 6,014 of those cases involved a minor. 6,929 of them were legal US citizens.

Polaris received 24, 062 signals in 2014—human beings crying out for help. Roughly 5,000 were answered and saved.

But I had to write the story from a fictional standpoint. I needed that distance on an emotional level. That world is purely fantasy, but what the men and women live, survive through, happens everyday under our noses.

This is what I want readers to come away with. It isn’t about the happy ending, to which I could also argue as Korrigan does receive what she wants in the end. It isn’t so much about love as it is learning to love yourself despite the flaws and past. But it’s also about solving a mystery, realizing revenge doesn’t erase the past but it stops the monster from harming another innocent life. It’s about freedom and ending oppression, while shedding light on a subject no one seems to realize exists.

For more information on human slavery please visit the Polaris Project. To report human slavery or if you know someone who needs help:

Call the 24/7 confidential hot line 1-888-373-7888 for the NHRTC.

Text INFO or HELP to BeFree (233733)


Happy Valentine’s Day
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The Confessions of Sylva Slasher by Ace Antonio Hall

confessionsbannerConfessions CoverSylva Fleischer is a teenager who works as a necromancer for a living. Wanting to get away from raising the dead for police investigations and demanding grieving families for a while, she goes on a cruise for spring break. Her vacation from the dead is short-lived when passengers on the ship turn into flesh-eating zombies. These are not the same simple-minded harmless zombies she raises and can control, so Sylva and her friends are trapped on the Pacific Ocean. Their only escape comes from a guy Sylva thought was dead: Brandon. It just so happens to also be the anniversary of his death, and she’s still hurting from his loss! Why didn’t he call to say he’s alive? All those tears … for nothing. Sylva doesn’t normally hold grudges, but when someone plays with her heart they have to pay. However, with the fate of the human race on the line, Brandon convinces Sylva to join him in a secret mission, yet she can’t shake the feeling that he’s hiding something. It didn’t take long for her suspicions to hold true when it’s revealed that Brandon has been romantically involved with the very enemy he now wants her to destroy. To top that brutal betrayal, the villainous female would rather kill Brandon than let Sylva have a chance to patch things up between them. Sylva is not the kind of girl to walk away from love without a fight, but with a strange virus threatening extinction of human life, she shoves her own feelings in her back pocket to face her greatest nightmare, and that nightmare starts with something that is eerily growing right inside of her own mind and body. *When The Heart Bleeds, Sometimes Your Friends Are All You’ve Got *

Buy on Kindle | Paperback | B&N

International Links: Germany | Spain | France | Britain | Japan

AceAntonioHall promo 2015About the author:

Ace Antonio Hall is an actor, former music producer, and ‘retired’ educator with accolades as a Director of Education for the Sylvan Learning Center and nearly fifteen years experience as an award-winning NYC English teacher. He has a BFA degree with a concentration in screenwriting and has published poetry, short stories and fiction in magazines, anthologies, newspapers and novels. Inspired by his father, Chris Acemandese Hall, who penned the lyrics to the Miles Davis jazz classic, “So What”, sung by Eddie Jefferson, and his sister, Carol Lynn Brown, who guest starred in the 1970’s film, “Velvet Smooth”, Ace spawned his creativity into developing the beloved but flawed teen character, Sylva Slasher. Ace was the Vice President of the Greater Los Angeles Writers Society (2009-2011), and continues to head the Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror (ScHoFan) Critique Group as Co-Director of critique groups within the society. He is also a member of LASFS and the International Thriller Writers. On April 14, 2013, Montag Press published his YA zombie novel Confessions of Sylva Slasher. His next release, Skateboard Xombies, is coming out later this year, and he has already begun working on Skateboard Xamurai for the third installment in his Sylva Slasher series. Find Ace on Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads | Instagram | Website | Blog | Amazon Looking for some zombie gear? Check out Ace’s Zombie Pop Shop!   CAN’T WAIT FOR THE SYLVA SLASHER SEQUEL? HERE’S A PREVIEW TO *SKATEBOARD XOMBIES, SEARCH FOR THE CRYSTAL COFFIN*: On a normal school day in Lunyon Canyon, California, teenage necromancer, Sylva Fleischer, bickers with her teacher in class over an unfairly graded paper. But when the principal announces that all teachers should lock their door and not let any students leave class, the entire school is trapped in a world of terrifying zombies that not only bite with their teeth, they bite with their minds. Since all life on Earth faces extinction at the hands of the perilous undead, a guardian of a secret society of vampire monks saves Sylva, her friend, Half-Pipe and her family, and lead them to an alternate world. And that’s when the real terror begins … on a planet full of every imaginable type of undead creature that ever lived … Including those telekinetic zombies! GET YOUR COPY OF Sk8board Xombies by Ace Antonio Hall on December 23, 2014! The Confessions of Sylva Slasher is … “*A treat for Buffy fans*–but 100% *Ace Antonio Hall*’s own twisted vision. Breathes new life into the living dead; run, don’t shamble to get a copy.” –*Robert J. Sawyer*, Hugo Award-winning author of *Red Planet Blues* a Rafflecopter giveaway


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Thundered Hearts Only .99 cents for a limited time. That limited time has now been extended as I didn’t have time to write the newsletter a short story this year.


Thundered Hearts—A paranormal romance.
B&N :

Now that is out of the way …

I do hope you all had a wonderful holiday for those who celebrate. I had my famous pecan-less pie, sweet potato, and a cherry pie.


Also there’s a brand new tab on the website where reviewers and bloggers can easily request review copies of my titles. As new titles are released, I’ll amend the document.


I want to wish everyone a happy and safe holiday season.


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Readers for Rett Syndrome Awareness—I’m going Purple


Months ago I met Crystal online through a mutual friend. Before that day I had never heard of Rett Syndrome. My connection to her started when I purchased a living locket, with the proceeds going to her family for a minivan. Her daughter Gabby isn’t like you or me. She is in a wheelchair and requires special equipment like most girls with Rett Syndrome.


I gave pause. Those who can recall will remember that I gave the locket away to a fan because it said courage and strength. Courage and strength comes in all shapes and sizes, and while it had a direct correlation to my book at the time, it made me realize the strength and courage these girls must also possess. They are warriors.IMG_2362[1]

Crystal sent me a card. I read everything, so instantly I connected with her daughter’s story and with each sentence read, I wept. Not because Gabby has Rett, but because there is no cure—yet. All I could offer at the time was hope.

You can read Gabby’s full story here on Girl Power 2 Cure.  Imagine the courage and strength  you must possess to wake-up everyday with no voice. She is a warrior to me; all the girls truly are fighters.

Today, I would like to offer Gabby and her family a voice and extend this podium to all Rett girls and their families. Tomorrow, I’m asking my readers—you—to listen. Can you do that for me? For Gabby, Crystal, and the thousands of girls living with Rett Syndrome … can you take a few minutes and hear their stories?

Every 90 seconds, a girl is born with Rett Syndrome.


In July I wanted to find a way to spread her story and other girls suffering from Rett Syndrome. I wanted to share it beyond my readers; I wanted to shout for these girls, who have all claimed a piece of my heart. Awareness was the answer.

Boys with Rett Syndrome usually die before they’re born, but some boys do survive.

With the help of Aimeekay and Crystal, we bring you the first annual Rett Syndrome Awareness Party and our goal is give these girls and those surviving boys a voice and an outlet.

While there will be prizes, our main goal is to inform others in the world. Rett affects primarily girls and is as prevalent as Cystic Fibrosis, ALS, and Huntington’s disease but no one seems to know about it.

It’s real; it’s slowly killing our girls. While it is potentially reversible there is no cure for Rett Syndrome, but where there is hope, will, and where there are warriors, there is a way.

What is Rett Syndrome?

—Debilitating neurological (movement) disorder that predominantly affects females.
—Baby girls are born “normal” but begin to lose acquired skills between the ages of 1-3 years old.
—Caused by a single gene mutation that leads to underproduction of an important brain protein.
—The leading genetic cause of severe impairment in girls – most cannot speak, walk or use their hands.
—Despite their physical disabilities, girls with Rett Syndrome are believed to be functioning mentally at a much higher level than previously thought.
—As prevalent as Cystic Fibrosis, ALS and Huntington’s.
—Another little girl is born with Rett Syndrome every 90 minutes.
—Rett Syndrome is a potentially REVERSIBLE disorder. Research has proven once protein levels are back to normal levels, symptoms subside.


It starts with awareness. Awareness starts with you and me.


Please join us tomorrow, or throughout the weekend, and meet some of our warriors. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.


Readers for Rett Awareness Event


Your hosts:

Author Heather Capewell writing as Rae Z. Ryans

Aimee from AimeeKay’s Randomness


Readers for Rett Awareness is Sponsored by:
Author Ichabod Temperance

Author J. L. Bryan’s Books

Author Maureen O. Betita

Author Becca J. Campbell

Kristin Plausky from Second Book To The Right

Melissa from Books & Things

Author Jennifer Quintenz


Author Lizzy Ford


A special thanks to Raven Tree Design for supplying the graphics.


I also want to say an extra special thank you to all the Rett girls and their families who were willing to share their stories with everyone to help get the word out there about Rett Syndrome.


Who’s going to be there?!?!

I know I am! Oh and I’ll have purple hair too in honor of Rett Awareness Month.

We already have some pre-event contests going on. So be sure to click on over and join the event and get a chance at some of the amazing prizes that are already being offered!!!

We’ll be giving away prize packages of books, there’s $25 rafflecopter, and other various prizes that we’ll be giving away to participants tomorrow. All giveaways will close on Sunday to allow those unable to attend a chance to win.

The person who gets the most people saying that they were referred by them gets this awesome Rett Awareness Key-chain handmade by me.


Mythos 101 – #1 Jumlin and the Inheritor

Genres: Mythos 101

Welcome to my Mythos 101.


The Jumlin and the inheritor

Inheritors could walk among us according to Native American lore, (specifically the Lakota Sioux, Cherokee, and Black Foot Nations) and we cannot spot one. Freaky thought if you know where they came from and what they are.

Stephanie Meyer wasn’t too far off when she spoke of legends passed down about blood drinkers. There is a legend that many tribes told. From generation to generation this tale has passed down, but like most tales no one wrote it down. There are five known versions of the tale; all versions are similar in naming the evil spirit, why he’s summoned, and what he produces.


The Lore


It begins with a shaman medicine man and his wife who have no male children. Laughing Sky is barren, but the medicine man doesn’t want to take another wife. He pled to the Gods, vowing to disobey all laws if he didn’t have a son.

The medicine man keeping his vow used the forbidden magic to open a portal to the spirit realm. Jumlin—an evil spirit–tricks the medicine man into freeing him, promising him many children as part of the bargain. The medicine man agrees, and the Jumlin takes over his body, mind, and heart.

Jumlin bred, killed, and drank the blood of others. He strengthened with each death, feeding and slaughtering the bravest and toughest braves. Still the Jumlin wasn’t satisfied and he moved onto the women, controlling their minds as he fed on their bodies.


The inheritor


Men of the tribe journeyed far, learning of how to control and end the Jumlin-medicine man. During their absence Laughing Sky kindled, growing large yet weak in the later term of her pregnancy. After the baby arrived, she fell into childbed fever. Jumlin destroyed her and then feasted on the leader of the braves wishing to end his life.

Jumlin stole away with his son, other children he’d fathered, and women one night. He spread the women and children among other villages until only he and his son—Laughing Bear—remained. As the years progressed father and son traveled between the villages, taking blood, and planting their seeds until one evening Jumlin victimized a chief’s daughter.

Using magic, the hunters banded together and destroyed Jumlin, but Laughing Bear escaped. They say he and his children still live among us today for the braves, hunters, medicine men, and elders couldn’t distinguish if the children were inhibitors.


What does an inheritor look like?


They appeared human, lived as humans, and ate human food. Some wonder if this myth is the true start of the vampiric legends. Like most myths there is a lesson in this tale and I take it to mean to be careful what you wish for and if it’s too good to be true, it probably has strings attached.

In the end, the Native American people were able to imprison the Jumlin but not before generations of his children walked the earth. Because they couldn’t tell them apart from regular children, the people could not kill them. Some say they walk this earth to this day.

Variations of this myth exist, but the interesting part with this myth is that it predates all other vampire myths, and that the Jumlin wasn’t a crazed man or a disease, but an evil spirit set free by using an ancient form of ritualistic magic.


Do you think they could walk among us? Or was this another classic Native American tale told solely to teach a lesson?

I Should be Writing

1891230_10201611160229200_482810474_nI’m always writing, reading, or thinking about writing—also known as mapping or outlining. Mostly it’s the former that keeps me from you. I’m the quiet type, the true introvert, book worm, and an out of the closest geek.

Many of my followers understand this, or they understand on the surface level that writers have quirks. Why yes I have plenty of those too like an obsession with Loki, Doctor Who, Torchwood, and my newest favorites are Supernatural and Galactica.

I never created this blog with the intent to share anything other than my writing or an occasional book review. After all, I also founded, run, and maintain Literary Sweet and often co-review or guest post on Mother/Gamer/Writer. For four years I’ve prided myself in my honest reviews—many of which are books I still recommend today.


Add in my writing, research, and day job and there aren’t many hours left to communicate in another place such as this blog. Yes, I do chat often on social media (twitter and Facebook), but that doesn’t show all of me or what I’m currently working on. It also doesn’t tell me what you, the reader of this blog, wants to hear from me aside from book news.

lolOh yeah, and I love Tumblr too.


I’ve asked in the past, but I truly want to know what my readers expectations are for this blog/site/newsletter. While I can’t please everyone, I do want to hear your opinions. Did you know I also write recipes, for a truthful example? Psst. I truly do write my recipes, and it put the sweet in Literary Sweet.


Would you like more information on books I’m developing, just new release information, or both? Do you enjoy teasers or quotes? How many of y’all follow me on social media too? How many of y’all actually see those posts?

ku-xlargeJust kidding 😉

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In other news:

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Coming up soon: news on Altered (Beyond the Brothel Walls #2), The Chosen: Nightmare Rising (#2), The Chosen: Banshee Rising (#3), and The Chosen: Immortal Tempests (#4).

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