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Anything Goes, Vol 2

cover-AG-ORANGETitle: Anything Goes, Volume 2

Genre: Multi

Authors: Multi

Pages: 315

Published: August 29th 2015

Publisher: Fiction Writer Group

Available on Amazon in ebook and print. Goodreads page.



The ultimate grab bag of fiction returns again for its second volume. Go on a journey into imagination. Be born. Die and rise again. Fall into the future. Find yourself. Find love. Stumble into hell and discover redemption. Know heartache and watch the world change before your eyes. Twenty writers from around the globe invite you to join them. Welcome to our worlds.



Story Titles and Pitch lines


Wave Dancer by Michali Lerner

When a lunar eclipse occurs on second Earth, humanity realizes their greatest achievement comes at a price.

The Familiar by S. E. Hundall


They say a wizard must choose– Love or magic. They also say the greatest creature of legend no longer exists. Both sayings of antiquity are wrong. 11836849_10205130447561056_1489232736648765789_n Dn_O1MogzK9ngWW04NexrOq2J1RuDouPvj9XgJcFXEM

The Price of News by Jeanne Felfe


Teacups and Tansy by R.L. Andrews


Murder and mayhem ensues when Sabrine takes her first case. What she doesn’t expect is the geriatric Jerry Springer Show.   11807436_10153198161773019_7154637657008564595_o

The Unrendering by Paul Draper

A tour bus carries a university party to a food processing plant in the mountains, high above Geneva. The personal networked interface seems a bit patchy for one student.



Tempest by Rae Z. Ryans and H.G. Rexon


In 1046, William died, but death is only his beginning. As William stumbles through the netherworld, a new face arises from the sands and unleashes his revenant bones.


The Harbor by Elizabeth Ann Patterson

When love isn’t enough, how do you find the words?


Disaffection by Joseph Y. Roberts


What kind of man is born of a childhood with a father whose love is indistinguishable from hate?


In Shadows by M.N. Morrow

Colette is tormented by a shadow and her mother’s lifestyle; she seeks help from a stranger who regrets her choices.


10003313_989662527718395_234636752300872431_n 11731601_1051321564885824_6840967119739491338_o



Silver by Dani Duck


Thanks to her teammates, superheroine Silver is fighting for her life as well as her sanity.


Town Curse by Dianne Riggins

It’s up to one person to break the town curse before anyone else disappears.




His Royal Consciousness by Draw Brains


One man’s unique ability puts him in the path of intergalactic travelers who force him to look into the depths of his soul and to make a decision that will alter the lives of everyone on Earth.


Sniffing for Clues by Michael Steffens

When reluctant partners are thrown together, it’s not just about four legs good, two legs better. It’s about who is actually smarter…




The Ride by C.J. Galaway


Get to know the cop behind the lieutenant’s bars and take a sneak peek into his interesting past.


Mistress of Disguise by Nicci Hartland

Can the Special Operations Executive save Britain’s favored treasure before the Nazis destroy them?


Stella by Marta Karnes

When Tommy Cole attempts to fulfill a dream nearly lost, a tragedy unfolds. He tries to rebuild his life, but in the end, will he lose all he loves?


Stasis by Jeroen Van Baardwijk

Life can be scary. Especially when you wake up one day and have no idea where you are.


When it Rains by Danise Janica C. Bautista

“The rain will remind me of you…” – Lawrence. Can a voiceless love end up with a happy ending? Or will the silence cut it off forever?


Don’t Speak by C.J. Galaway

What does a scene say when words can’t?

The Guardian: When the War was Over by R.L. Andrew

Archangel Gabriel faces the most difficult decision since existence began. Mankind’s future hangs in balance as he battles a former friend, but are they worth the sacrifice?


Home for the Holidays by Kerry E.B. Black

Twin sisters risk a winter storm to celebrate the holidays at home, but a brush with the supernatural may alter their plans.


The Bond by Jeanne Felfe

Maggie and the people on the Gulf in Port Aransas are tough, but when a hurricane takes direct aim, can her family’s bond survive?


Becoming Nonna by S.E. Hudnall

Sometimes, it takes a tragedy to open your heart.


The Last Walkabout by Joseph Y. Roberts

Old, lame, and half-blind, Targ is cast out of the tribe to find his way into the Underworld alone.

Last Walkabout Banner Browm Last Walkabout Teaser

The Wrong Harvest by Paul Draper

An English farm in the summer, a boy who can talk with nature, and a father with a secret. What hides beneath the soil?


Featuring Book Hunter by Damien Lutz


When anti-activists cripple the city’s power, cyborg Zack Vella is forced to hunt down the only remaining source of information: rare printed books. But will Zack find the information before his own power runs out?

11755196_10152877043812307_4185714505192462394_n 11713834_10152877042777307_7113436359250689026_o

Excerpt Readings

Y is for Yggdrasil

The Ash Yggdrasil by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine.jpg
The Ash Yggdrasil by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine” by Friedrich Wilhelm Heine (1845-1921). – Wägner, Wilhelm (1886). Asgard and the gods.

Yggdrasil [ˈyɡːˌdrasilː] is a large tree from Norse mythology that connects nine different worlds. The etymology is unknown, however, it’s generally accepted to mean Odin’s horse. Though many say it means world tree, after askr (ash) Yggrasill. We will probably never learn the truth, but it doesn’t hinder the tree’s mystery and allure.

In mythology, the massive ash tree sits at the center of the cosmos, and it’s three roots extend to three locations, while it’s branches also travel to the nine worlds. If you count them all, including our world, there are actually more than nine. Nine came to be a continuous number because Odin created the nine worlds. However, three other worlds existed prior to them.

Urðarbrunnr, Hvergelmir, and Mímisbrunnr are all associated with water. The first is the home of the Norns and lies beneath the world tree. The second is a bubbling spring from which all waters rise, and it’s located in Niflheim. The last is Mirmir’s well, the place where Odin sacrificed his eye to gain knowledge, and it’s located in a special place within Jötunheimr, called Ginnungagap– this is where the universe formed in Norse Mythology.

Trees are often sacred in religion. Ash, in turn, became sacred to the Norse as Odin himself decreed it. Some scholars believe Yggdrasil is here on Midgard, but those of the revised Norse faith believe otherwise. Either way it’s a fascinating piece of lore for writers to study in world building or the historic aspect of the Norse.


X is for X-Files

X is a difficult letter for me, so instead of pulling out some crazy word, I decided to share one of my favorites shows. I started watching X-Files when it first aired in 1993 with my parents. At the time, I was only 12, but the paranormal bug had already wiggled deep into my genetic makeup.


However, the show sucked us in and introduced us to scientific and unexplained phenomenon. It taught me about government conspiracy and tinfoil hats, too. To this day one of my favorite episodes featured the men in black, and most of the show was “bleep.” I’ve even gone as far to pay homage to Fox Mulder in Special Agent Dorian Fox.


After all the years that X-Files has been off the air, I was positively thrilled to hear they were coming back.


Are you a fan of X-Files?

W is for Writer

Long before I was an author, I was a writer. Technically I was a ghost writer, which at times was fun. No longer do I slave away my days writing for others. Now I write for the readers and, of course, me.


But ghost writing did have its benefits. I was able to write about anything without worrying about my name being attached to it. From cookbooks to blog articles, I’ve written just about everything.


Writing books, even under a pen name, I have to be careful that every word I write is true not only to me, but to my story, too. Writing for yourself, whether it’s books, articles, or blog posts is a big step when you’re not used to the spotlight.

I’ve always had a way with words, and I’ll say that most writers do. But I don’t crave fame or recognition, not to say it’s wrong to; it’s just not for me. All I want to do is wake up, drink coffee, write and tell a story.

It’s that drive that makes us writers. The act of doing, the art of making. Weaving words until they paint pictures, instruct and educate others, or inspire.


Imagine a world without us. No poetry, no novels, no articles… What a sad world that would be. So while I started speaking about me, I really just wanted to thank the writers in our world. Without you, this would be a boring place.

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P is for Petre

Nestled into the Northwestern corner of Acadia we’re gathered at the joint headquarters for the Arcadian Bureau of Demonic Affairs and the Council of Seven, which is located at the former University of Anchorage Research facility. Here budding agents train, redevelop old technology to work on steam, and build new advancements.

The massive, five-school, former campus once specialized in Aviation Technology. In the engineering quarter, we’ve caught up with one of the scientists. Today, we have a special guest, the one and only Petre von Baron—now a transportation engineer, who was born, raised, and died in Romania in the 1800’s at the young age of twenty.

Except he didn’t remain dead. Petre isn’t a normal vampire. After witnessing his brother murder another and covering it up, the servant girl’s father, Hestin, a warlock, curses them both.

For those who wish to know, his brother was sentenced to live as a demon horse, but Petre’s curse was immortality. Only a pure, true love can break the curse.


Rae: “So, Petre, whats it like being dead?”

Petre runs his hand through his long black hair and laughs. In his Romanian accent he replies,  “Of all the things you could possibly ask that’s what you lead with? You of all people should know.”

Rae: “Well, of course, I know, but readers might like to know more. Can you lighten up a bit?”

He takes a moment, staring over into the dark corner of the hangar where a group of agents have gathered to watch. “At first, it sucks. Then it gets better as you realize the freedoms. After the first hundred years, everyone I knew had died.”

Petre glances back to me. “When you have nothing to live for, life loses its vibrancy.” His pale hand waves in the air. “I was a monk, by choice, living a simple life before Hestin cursed me. All I knew was family and brotherly love and religion, but without them, I found myself tumbling into a dark abyss with my brother. For the next two hundred years, I fought to break the curse, so to answer your question, at first I feared it, but then I loved it before I despised it. After Kori, I had a reason to live again.”

Rae: “What about your faith?”

Special Agent Dorian Fox coughs into his hand and shakes his head off to the side.

Petre: “They say I’m not allowed to talk of that.”

Rae: “What? Who’s stopping you?”

Petre: “The Arcadian Bureau of Demonic Affairs…” He pointed toward a large airship and the agents surrounding it.  “Agent Fox and Gabe warned me earlier, so no spoilers.”

Rae: “Fine” I turned the page and shook my head. Wow. This is the thanks I get for creating the lot of them.  “How many women did you go through before you finally found Korri?”

Agent Westcott: “We can here you, Rae.” Korrigan’s brother tapped his head.

Petre: “More than the stars in the sky. And we’ll leave it at that.”

Rae: “That’s vague. Do you care to elaborate?”

Petre: “I care and therefore will not. You might have young eyes perusing pages, and they don’t need to know of my misdeeds, exploits, and misfortunes.” He leans forward. “I’m not a role model. I’m just a man, who was in the wrong place, at the wrong time, and I’ve paid dearly for it.”

Rae: “Fair enough. Wow, I forget how humble you are for a vampire. So out of those you found, how many of them knew your secrets?”

“None.” He stares at Agent Fox again, but his rigid pose has relaxed.

Rae: “But you would have told Korri, right?”

Petre smirks before turning his steely gaze on me. “The thought had crossed my mind.”

Rae: “If there’s one thing you could do differently with Korri what would it be?”

Petre: “I can only choose one?” he asks, leaning backward.

Rae: “Yes, only one.”

Petre: “But I have two.”

Rae: “Fine. Give me two.”

Petre: “Knowing what I know now, I would’ve killed Jules sooner. I would’ve found a way to discover Korri earlier, right after Veric dropped her off. Oh, and I never would’ve left her alone.”

Rae: “That was three.”

Petre: “And?” His brow cocks.

Rae: I clear my throat. “About the letter. Jules Garland told you never to leave her alone, yet you did. Why?”

Petre: “I’m asked this a lot, and I’m more surprised people haven’t caught on. But the letter never stated that I had to be with her at all times. She was never alone. I left her to my trusted servants, so how was I supposed to know that Jules meant me when he wrote alone?”

Rae: “Fair enough. So, is there anything you really don’t want Korri to know about you?”


Petre: “She knows all about me, but I’d prefer she didn’t know about my less than scrupulous tactics of attaining information, know-how, and knowledge from humanity before the Sundering.”

Rae: “Care to elaborate?”

Petre: “No.” His gray eyes fleck with yellow.

Rae: “What was your favorite era to live in? (and you can’t say the one with Korri)”

Petre: “The best is yet to come. She taught me that.”

Rae: “Last we saw of you, Korrigan thought you were dead, but your eyes opened. So, what are your plans for the future?”

Agent Fox coughs and his steps echo in the hangar. “Excuse me,” he says and approaches Petre, handing him a slip of paper. The two converse in hushed tones as I tap my foot. Agent Fox turns and flashes a sheepish smile before tipping his hat. “Apologies.”

Rae: “Do I need to repeat the question?”

Petre: “No. The Arcadian Bureau of Demonic Affairs says that I have to be careful of spoilers, but I’m allowed to say my story unfolds behind the scenes of Altered, where I meet my future brother-in-law, Cain, and the Archangel of Death, Agent Dorian Fox. However,” he peeks at the paper, “the story isn’t for Korri or me to tell. We will make a reappearance soon in a companion novella titled, Afflicted.”

Rae: “Thank you for joining us, Petre.”

He flashes a dimpled smile and stands. Before leaving he says, “Don’t lose yourself in the battle of good or evil. You have to look deeper to understand what’s really going on. It’s more than lives at stake, bigger than you, the Angels, demons, or me.”

You can meet Petre in Constricted.

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N is for Nephilim

autumn angel

Nephilim are half angel and half human, born to women from the fallen Grigori in the Beyond the Brothel Walls series.

But they’re apart of Biblical lore as well. They were called giants and according to the Books of Enoch, the great flood killed them all. For those who aren’t familiar with Enoch, these are in the later books, which aren’t cannon.

In my world, the Nephilim are mostly evil. But I still believe we have the choice, and if the angels fell for the same rights, why couldn’t their children also have the choice to be good rather than evil, even if they’ll never ascend to Heaven. Isn’t that what makes a good person truly good? Performing acts with no thought to reward but because we want to?

To me, however, it merely represents a race, a bloodline, which after diluted becomes something few have heard about, but that’s another letter.

Do you believe in Nephilim? How about Angels? Do you think they watch over us, guide, and protect us?


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M is for Midgard

Midgard in lore is Earth, but in the Loki’s Chosen series it’s a world within a world where the supernatural often hide from humanity.

While some choose to live among the humans, like the draugr and some lycans, many of my races can’t go unnoticed. With Odin forbidding humans from learning about magic, those living on Earth combined their resources and built magical shields in the wilderness.

As technology advanced, so did they. Like you and me, they have electricity and internet access; although Auriel believes it killed the art of penmanship and letter writing. Still, she owns a cell phone and haphazardly drives her cherry red Ram truck. Auriel loves everything about humanity and Midgard, except for the humans themselves—but then what’s an empath to do.


If you had the choice between living on Earth or within a Midgard bubble, which would you choose?

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L is for Loki

Loki is a god, sometimes a demi-god, and other times just an annoying gnat for the Norse gods to swat around. He’s a little different for me in the Loki’s Chosen series.

  • He’s good.
  • He’s evil.
  • Sometimes he’s a she, too.
  • He seldom tells the truth.
  • He loves his children.
  • He will do anything for his children, his chosen.
  • He hates when the history books call him a myth.
  • He despises being a scapegoat.
  • And after the world burns, his children will rise.

I’ll look forward to sharing Loki with everyone in the upcoming Anything Goes, Volume Two anthology. He’ll join William de Hauteville, a Norman mercenary, in an epic, historic journey of life and death.


K is for Kismet

Kismet is a common factor in my writing.  It doesn’t matter if it’s love between two lost souls or a warrior destined to lead an army.

I believe in kismet. I also believe we can’t control it. No matter how hard we try to deny or change our fate, it’s always there, guiding us back. The future may be delayed, or perhaps we’ll learn a lesson, but kismet wins.

Do you believe in kismet? Do you feel we can control it?


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