Z is for Zoro

Zoro is a character from Thundered Hearts. He isn’t like my usual characters, and the inspiration to write him came from a close source. Almost too close.


This was Baby Kitty the fall before the wild dogs claimed her. Now, let me start by saying that technically she wasn’t my cat. We rescued her when she decided to give birth on our property and she never left–We didn’t complain either.She was a trip to watch play. And no butterscotch crimpet was safe in the house.

We tried to bring and keep her inside, but she would escape. I say this for anyone thinking she’d be alive today if we’d only kept her indoors. It’s easier said than done in a household of seven people opening and closing doors, three of them young children.


I based Zoro, a reincarnated Spirit Walker, using Baby Kitty’s personality, changing the sex to male, and giving him the ability to speak to the MC, Beth. Zoro isn’t a shifter, though. He chose to stay a cat, which gives him the ability to guide Spirit Walkers.

To this day, he was the hardest character to write, and I almost didn’t have the heart to finish writing Thundered Hearts because Baby Kitty died before I finished the rough draft. But I kept her memory alive and bled into the pages.

It only feels fitting to say goodbye to both Zoro and the inspiration behind him, Baby Kitty. I even went as far to dedicate Thundered Hearts to her memory, but what I had originally planned as a series, screeched to a halt. Maybe one day I’ll write more about Zoro, but not in the near future. My heart can’t go there, not even a year later.


10252043_10202929840064636_724446703136211146_nThank you for following me on this A-Z journey. I will continue making rounds and visiting the participants. It was a blast.