W is for Writer

Long before I was an author, I was a writer. Technically I was a ghost writer, which at times was fun. No longer do I slave away my days writing for others. Now I write for the readers and, of course, me.


But ghost writing did have its benefits. I was able to write about anything without worrying about my name being attached to it. From cookbooks to blog articles, I’ve written just about everything.


Writing books, even under a pen name, I have to be careful that every word I write is true not only to me, but to my story, too. Writing for yourself, whether it’s books, articles, or blog posts is a big step when you’re not used to the spotlight.

I’ve always had a way with words, and I’ll say that most writers do. But I don’t crave fame or recognition, not to say it’s wrong to; it’s just not for me. All I want to do is wake up, drink coffee, write and tell a story.

It’s that drive that makes us writers. The act of doing, the art of making. Weaving words until they paint pictures, instruct and educate others, or inspire.


Imagine a world without us. No poetry, no novels, no articles… What a sad world that would be. So while I started speaking about me, I really just wanted to thank the writers in our world. Without you, this would be a boring place.

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