T is for Tyr

Tyr is a god of war from the Norse pantheon. He’s associated with the Tîwaz rune—an arrow pointing upward. Warriors would often inscribe this rune on their weapons prior to battle, hoping to gain his favor. He also loses a hand to Fenrir, one of Loki’s children.


Prior to the Norse and their ancestors converting to Christianity, this would have been a God warriors and vikings would have honored. Some of these honors included blood, meat, and mead.

At this time, his importance in my writing is minimal, but he’s an interesting god where little is known of him outside the . In Tempest, this is the god William secretly prays to, even though he fights for the Holy Roman Empire. While he doesn’t play a large role, he would’ve been a popular god for those warriors still following the Norse religion of their ancestors.

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