O is for Order of the Nine Realms

Every story requires a villain. The Loki’s Chosen series has many, but aside from Odin, there is the Order of the Nine Realms. Each race takes a seat and dictates the laws to the supernatural community.

Order of the Nine Realms


Council President: Merric Mc Douglass

Faerie Liaison: Prince Duncan Graftfield

Elven Liaison: Princess Maeve Graftfield

Elementarist Liaison: Malinda Borne

Giant Liaison: Queen Aegir Brekke

Dwarven Liaison: King Norðri Goldsmith

Lycan Liaison: King Sköll Fenrir

Pooka Liaison: Grimmish Seedbearer

Draugr Liaison: Valentine De Luca


This is the same organization Auriel runs from after learning they will sacrifice her life to Odin. If that isn’t bad enough, she must live knowing her family, not only created the Order of Nine Realms and passed her death sentence, but they’ve allowed the corruption to carry on without interfering.

While the Order originally formed with good intentions, under the Faerie Queen Morgana, it shows in the story that even the supernaturals aren’t above humanity when it comes to greed and power. They write unjust laws and imprison innocents. In secret they conduct experiments and commit murder. This is my government, for my world, but the sky is the writer’s limit.


Have you ever built a government?

Building a government isn’t easy. There are layers to the process from creating rules to punishments. An author has a lot of freedom when working outside of humanity, but our world can still be an excellent guide if needed.

World building encouragement

  • If you’re building a world, start with the basics of law. Create rules knowing you will need to break them, and always be sure to support why they’re being broken.
  • Understand how the different types of governments work in our world and look to history to see why they failed or prospered.
  • Create punishments for crimes that fit your world and people. Realize that different races can have the same or varied laws.

    Most of all, remember that it is your world to build, shape, and destroy. Oh, and have fun.

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