N is for Nephilim

autumn angel

Nephilim are half angel and half human, born to women from the fallen Grigori in the Beyond the Brothel Walls series.

But they’re apart of Biblical lore as well. They were called giants and according to the Books of Enoch, the great flood killed them all. For those who aren’t familiar with Enoch, these are in the later books, which aren’t cannon.

In my world, the Nephilim are mostly evil. But I still believe we have the choice, and if the angels fell for the same rights, why couldn’t their children also have the choice to be good rather than evil, even if they’ll never ascend to Heaven. Isn’t that what makes a good person truly good? Performing acts with no thought to reward but because we want to?

To me, however, it merely represents a race, a bloodline, which after diluted becomes something few have heard about, but that’s another letter.

Do you believe in Nephilim? How about Angels? Do you think they watch over us, guide, and protect us?


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  • I like your idea regarding their ability to be good even if there’s no reward at the end. 🙂 That really adds a new level of dimension.

  • Seems like a few years back nephilim were all the rage in fiction. There was a TV show that had them. It’s an interesting concept.