M is for Midgard

Midgard in lore is Earth, but in the Loki’s Chosen series it’s a world within a world where the supernatural often hide from humanity.

While some choose to live among the humans, like the draugr and some lycans, many of my races can’t go unnoticed. With Odin forbidding humans from learning about magic, those living on Earth combined their resources and built magical shields in the wilderness.

As technology advanced, so did they. Like you and me, they have electricity and internet access; although Auriel believes it killed the art of penmanship and letter writing. Still, she owns a cell phone and haphazardly drives her cherry red Ram truck. Auriel loves everything about humanity and Midgard, except for the humans themselves—but then what’s an empath to do.


If you had the choice between living on Earth or within a Midgard bubble, which would you choose?

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  • Hmmm… I’d probably go with the bubble, if it meant learning magic. After all, in that reality, humans are living in a bubble, too. Your character sounds interesting!