L is for Loki

Loki is a god, sometimes a demi-god, and other times just an annoying gnat for the Norse gods to swat around. He’s a little different for me in the Loki’s Chosen series.

  • He’s good.
  • He’s evil.
  • Sometimes he’s a she, too.
  • He seldom tells the truth.
  • He loves his children.
  • He will do anything for his children, his chosen.
  • He hates when the history books call him a myth.
  • He despises being a scapegoat.
  • And after the world burns, his children will rise.

I’ll look forward to sharing Loki with everyone in the upcoming Anything Goes, Volume Two anthology. He’ll join William de Hauteville, a Norman mercenary, in an epic, historic journey of life and death.


  • You’ve made me excited for AG2! How cool! 🙂

    • It’s been a humbling, fun, and wickedly cool learning experience 🙂