J is for Jamison

Jamison “Jamie” Mc Douglass

Attractive young man sitting on old door's thresholdFrom the Loki’s Chosen series.

  • Phoenix Elementarist—Maelstrom Mage
  • Mother—Murdered. Stolen and raised by Draugr.
  • Brown hair
  • Gray eyes
  • 6’2″
  • Various tribal tattoos
  • Bisexual
  • Mated to Nicolai Fenrir since 18
  • Best Friend is his brother, Liam.
  • Age—25—Mortal


In Phoenix, within the secret supernatural community, there are two major laws which carry the death sentence: no hybrids or homosexuality.  So you can imagine what happens when the Council President’s son mates with another man.

It’s deeper than this with Jamie, though it’s a story I’m currently writing. Jamie isn’t your normal rebellious adult. He’s the opposite and always seeks to please his father, even if that means hiding his truth and living with his past deeds—killing the man he loved.

Or so he’d thought… Jamie receives a rare gift: a second chance.

You can read more about Jamie in Phoenix.


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  • Mickey Miles

    Sounds like an awesome character!! Can’t wait to read more!

  • Nick Wilford

    Sounds like he has got a lot to deal with… I don’t envy him!