Free Short Story and Flash Fiction from Immortal Lies

This book may be unsuitable for people under 17 years of age.
Genres: Paranormal Romance

(Psst … Jump to the bottom for the flash fiction and short story, but you’ll miss out on important updates)

Long before I began writing  again, I ran a book blog. At first it became a way to share opinions, but over time it consumed more and more of my life. Still, I pressed forward. After all, all writers should read too.

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For years I maintained a fine balance and handled it fairly well. Then I published my first book. Ouch, a platform? Oh I need to reach out and chat with fans  too? Double ouch — not that I don’t love you all, but the stretch left me paper thin and grouchy.

My grouchy face.

My grouchy face.

Something had to give. I realize that now. I’m only one person. So starting soon I’ll begin reviewing books on this blog. But here’s the catch, y’all signed up for something entirely different. I keep my promises and promised not to send anything unrelated to my author status.

Older reviews will trickle in and to be honest, I don’t know if you’ll see them in the e-mail feed. I’m post dating, so I hope not. If I notice them, I’ll pause the feed, but it will take me upward of a month or two to get them all moved.

To keep it fair, you have my permission to unsubscribe. Don’t worry, I won’t be hurt if you do. However, there’s  no more than two reviews a week -if any-, and no book blasts.  Those will stay over at Literary Sweet. However, from time to time, there will be interviews and guest posts as long as they relate to writing or the fantasy/romance genre.

Okay, so I don't have an excited face. At least not a picture. This is my relaxed face.

Okay, so I don’t have an excited face. At least not a picture. This is my relaxed face.

But for those visit the site, you’ll see all pretty tabs and drop-downs that I’ll soon fill with past and new book reviews. I’ve even added a new tab for my editing and beta services. Pricing is geared toward new indie authors, and I’ll even swap services.

On to the Author/Book News

I’m patiently waiting for Tears of the Valkyrie to come back from beta readers. I know I’ve said this for awhile. Well last time some major changes were needed to address a few flaws. Then I had to let those changes marinate. More eyes are always better, so if you’re into erotic UF/PNR with a little M/M action, drop me a line.

Constricted is wrapping up and shaped into a trilogy. While it too has an estimated release date of 2014, we’ll see. I don’t want to release anything less than sub par, and Viciously Fictitious sets the final date.

I have the second book (a stand alone) in the Midgard series ready for beta reading. It’s erotic PNR featuring the kelpie and the original draugr of my world. Roughly 65k words of hot Guardian and vampire (draugr) action. If anyone would like to take a crack at it, please just hit reply/contact me.

I leave you with two glorious flash fiction pieces from Immortal Lies and my new short story, Claws of Insanity. All are my Christmas gifts to you and I hope you enjoy them. At the end of the short story, you will find the first chapter of Tears of the Valkyrie. Claws of Insanity will be released in .mobi/.epub, but I ran out of time.

While the flash fiction pieces feature the main characters of Immortal Lies and how they came about. I actually write these for every main character I create as an exercise, but these two stories took on their own voices.

Both pieces are scheduled to release with the book, but y’all get a sneak peak. Minor spoilers for the Alfheim series are in Kelpie Risen. All three pieces are free of sex, however they were written with mature audiences in mind. Please enjoy and have a safe holiday.

Pure passion

The Draugr




Kelpie Risen

Young man in the room

Claws of Insanity